Friday, February 26, 2021

A resurrection or a rebirth or maybe even a beginning, finally

 I don’t know if this will go anywhere.  But as of COVID, and March 2020, I started running D&D style games over GoToMeeting.  I run 3 games a week, 3 different campaigns, all different players.  Most of the stuff I run is gleaned from the OSR community.  

This blog was created back when that was kind of sort of new.

It’s not anymore.

Ten years old, at least.  A lot of blogs have come and gone.  A lot of cool stuff was jammed into Google+ and then vaporized.

I’m not ready yet to be creating original content.  But I think I will start posting here about “game-able content” that I extract from comics, shows, movies, books that I consume.

And then also do a revisit to any old OSR blogs I find that maybe don’t post anymore - maybe from those that still do - but look at their old content.

What is game-able and usable today?  A lot probably.

This is a very self-indulgent and non-content post.  But it’s like an anchor in time.  A declaration of intent.

We will see what happens tomorrow...

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