Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Stonegiant’s Cave - Dead Blog Review

One last post from this blog before I move on.  “Sean” didn’t post a whole lot, but the maps he shared (sampled and linked to in my last post) were all amazing.

His final post before going dark in 2018 was to drop some cool weird B/X monsters on us.  This was his first post after almost 2 years silent.  He notes that it was some content he had posted to Google+ and wanted to save it from oblivion when that shut down.

You can grab those here:

Oddly enough, though he is/was a talented artist, he declined to illustrate these.  

I liked them a lot, and I found it well worth copying the URL to to make a PDF for myself to add to my monster folder.  

Note: some of these appear to be adapted from similar creatures in video games, but I don’t know if they all are or just some.  Regardless, loved the true DIY OSR spirit.  

Sean, hope you are well and still enjoying drawing maps.

I think I am going to label posts like this with old game-able content to swipe for your own game as “old gold” just so I have a label to link them together.

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