Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Stonegiant’s Cave - Dead Blog Review

Been checking out this blog today:

Started in 2011, last post is in 2018.

Of interest, so far: A few custom classes.  Most are some D&D based space opera classes.  Spaceman, explorer, scientist, robot.  Kind of cool, but nothing special.  Probably have seen this kind of thing a ton of times by tons of folks.  

What really did stand out to me - in 2013, one of the more prolific posting years - was a ton of scanned, hand-drawn map artwork.  It’s exceptional, hitting that perfect sweet spot of better than I can do, but looking like it’s old and hobbyist level.  Not all polished and digital and slick.

Here is a page with a few overland maps in black and white:

In a later post, he shows the city map here when it’s completed.

In this one he shows some colored maps that he did years earlier:

Again, love the style in these.  Aspirational, if I ever find myself wanting to draw maps.

Finally, one last link here to some more hand drawn dungeon maps:

Showing off a wide variety of types and styles of design and rendering.

Based on other stuff this blogger posted about, I hope he was eventually able to go fishing some more.  Kudos, sir.  Hope you are well if you ever see this review.

Anyone else reading this who likes old style hand drawn maps, check these out.  Dig around as he had quite a bit more than I posted.

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